We run a mixed breed suckler herd, calving all year round so we have a constant supply of beef.  The breeds we use are Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Beef Shorthorns.  The Cattle spend most of their time grazing but come in for the harsh winter months.

When the cattle are around 2 years old and weigh about half a ton, they go off to the local abattoir.  The carcass then come back to our butchery, where we hang the beef for up to 4 weeks in our himalayan salt fridge.  It is then prepared by ourselves for the customer.



We run a mixed breed flock of ewes that originated in Wales when my grandfather used to go to Sennybridge to buy sheep to graze on the hill.  Nowadays we lamb in February to April, the lambs graze the hills and when they are around 50kg, they go off to the abattior.  As with our beef, the lamb comes back to our butcher where we do all the prep ourselves and can provide any cut for the customer.